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About Us

WowMoms Long Island Mission:

Our mission is to create a nurturing and joyful environment where children can explore, learn, and play freely while providing a supportive space for moms to relax and connect. We are dedicated to fostering physical and emotional well-being, promoting creativity, and encouraging social interaction among children. Our commitment extends beyond just fun; we strive to be a sanctuary where moms can rejuvenate, knowing their children are safe and engaged. Through our innovative play experiences and attentive care, we aim to enrich children's and moms' lives, fostering cherished memories and meaningful connections.

About Me:

I am Sabrina Potemkin - a daughter, sister, wife, mother of 3, and WowMoms World Long Island owner. 

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada; I moved to Florida in 2001 and New York in 2007 to get married to my husband. When we started our beautiful family, my husband got a new work opportunity, which meant that he would be traveling out of state every week - leaving me alone in a walk-up condo with two kids under 2, an 80lb dog, a full-time job, no friends or family around. 

I felt overwhelmed with guilt every time I wanted to take some me time to get my nails done; I felt defeated every time I brought them to an indoor play area for their 1.5 or 2hr limit where my kids would not let go of my leg until the last 5 minutes at which point they didn't want to leave.


In addition to all these mixed emotions, add that I was working full time and made myself available to my children all the time; as my kids got a little older, I felt the need to do something for other mothers and women who were and are in my situation.


WELCOME WOWMOMS! I hope to put everything I have dreamed of into reality. I want WowMoms to be a safe place where children can use their imagination to play and interact with other children; I want mothers to know that they can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with a fresh baked good, all while watching over their children and even maybe connecting with another mother. I want parents to choose US for their children's birthday parties because we will not only make your vision come to life, but we will be open and honest about the pricing and make sure that your child is not the only special person taking care of that day - but their parents too.

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