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WowMoms LI
Preschool Prep


Cost is per month and needs to be paid by the first of the month.

Monthly Commitment

1 day/week - $250

2 days/week - $500

3 days/week - $750

5 days/week - $1000

3 Months Commitment (monthly cost)

1 day/week - $200

2 days/week - $400

3 days/week - $600

5 days/week - $800

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Preschool Prep Details

  • The program is geared for toddlers aged 15-36 months.

  • Morning snacks and lunch are provided.

  • We follow a 1:3 teacher:student ratio.

  • The program runs Monday through Friday, 9am-12pm where a monthly commitment is an option.

  • Parents choose which and how many day(s) of the week they want to commit to.

  • We follow an academic school calendar but offer "camp" on those many days off.

Welcome to our Preschool Prep Program!

A wonderful journey of exploration and growth designed for young toddlers aged 15 to 30 months! As your little one takes their first steps into the world of education, WowMoms' curriculum focuses on fostering key developmental skills through play-based learning, social interaction, and hands-on activities.  We pride ourselves on using a dynamic blend of interactive activities, sensory experiences, and guided play that are carefully tailored to the developmental stages of young toddlers. 


Please email us at for more information on our calendar, curriculum and pricing.


The interactive curriculum introduces letters, numbers, shapes, and a different concept each month, incorporating another language. The entire center is dedicated to the program during its hours, providing a focused and engaging environment for early childhood development.

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